Nice issues new asthma home monitoring guidance

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Redecol are excited about the recent NICE Guidance: NICE Guideline NG80 (November 2017), Asthma outcomes have not improved in the past 15 years and the personal and economic costs of poor control are high. Computers and smartphones play an ever-greater role in modern life, with a growing proportion of people using them regularly for work, leisure, communication and information. The efficient use of distance monitoring systems and the integration of new technologies into healthcare are important for patients and for healthcare systems in terms of convenience, costs and outcomes.  

Andy Moss commented,  "Redecol offers a great solution in this recognised problem space. While it is widley accepted that asthma patients should monitor thier lung function at home, due to the difficulties encountered with Peak Flow meters most patients fail to do so. Every day there are 185 patient admissions to hospital and over 14,500 GP visits  in the UK due to asthma".

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