Redecol has stepped in to this key problem space and has developed a new device to help asthmatics monitor their condition.


The device uses the Redecol breath sensor, a unique sensor which has IP protection. The device doesn’t need the hard, forced breathing technique that a peak flow meter needs. Just deep controlled breaths. The sensor creates a breath profile shape as a person breathes in and out over the sensor. The shape of this breath profile is analysed to provide information on the patient’s lung function and how symptomatic an asthmatic is.

Redecol’s prototype has been successfully used in several clinical trials and has demonstrated equivalence to the Gold Standard hospital based Spirometry test in identifying changes in lung function.


The commercial device fulfills many of the unmet needs found in the current home monitoring market devices:

  • It does not require forced breathing.

  • It has a straight forward user interface that guides the patient in using their device and monitoring and therefore managing their condition. 

  • It links to their smart devices.

  • The device will automatically record lung function results and plot trends so that it can give an early warning when symptoms are starting to worsen. This will enable the patient to proactively manage their symptoms according to their asthma plan.

  • It is widely accepted that improved monitoring leads to improved asthma management and control. This leads to an improved life for the asthma sufferer, symptom free.